Hoosier Candle Company
Handpoured in Dayton, Indiana
Our retail store is:
Walnut Street Traditions 294 Market Street Dayton, IN 47941 Ph: 765-296-9425
Store Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5



Visiting memories...One scent at a time
We are two businesses under one roof! are at the right place.  Walnut Street Traditions is our retail store. It's really where this all began..well actually it's where it began for us!
We can be found in the quaint and cozy town of Dayton IN.
Purchased in 2002 our business was formerly known as Lamb & Heart, so yes...we are one in the same. 
Within our walls you will find a nice variety of items.  We have some antiques, gourmet foods, textiles, lamps, lightbulbs, furniture, tons of handmade & candles of course! Our business is also known for the fun things we our Pinterest Parties!
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