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Host a party!

Do you live out of town and can't be a part of our local home parties?
No worries!  You can now have your own ONLINE party, in just a few easy steps.
1. Select a party host
2. Email us that you would like to host an online party
3. Set your dates (2 week time frame)
4. Tell your friends and family to visit our website www.thehoosiercandlecompany.com to shop
Online Party Rules:
*Party total must reach $75.00 (before shipping or taxes)
  to qualify for any "perks and rewards"
*Each  (party guest) customer will be charged individual   
  shipping for their order (which unless otherwise arranged will  
  be shipped to each customer and not the host)
*Payments for party online are via PayPal, however if your
  guests need to pay via credit card they may call our store
  and we will gladly help them
*Party MUST close within TWO weeks of the start 
*In order for HOST to get credit for their party each 
  individual customer ordering from the  party MUST 
  put HOST NAME (ex: SALLY SMITH) in the 
  COMPANY BOX upon filling out info in the checkout
  area.  The checkout area does allow for you to put
  your own bill to/ship to (we will make sure your 
  order goes to the right address)
*Orders will ship within TWO weeks after orders are 
  received (unless we notify you otherwise)
*You will receive a FREE gift for just hosting the party!
*Starting at $75.00 in total sales (minus shipping & tax)
  You will receive 15% of your total in FREE HOOISER
  CANDLE COMPANY product.  (So..$75.00 party earns you 
  $11.25 in FREE HCC PRODUCT!) 
  **If your party reaches $300.00 you will receive 20% 
*Should someone decide to book a party off of your party
  AND committs before the end of YOUR party you will
  receive ONE 50% off item for every party booked...but
  they MUST book it before the end of your party dates!
  (for a future party of their own)


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