Hoosier Candle Company
"Where heritage and traditions are a way of life"

Hoosier Candle Company was created after years of selling other brands of candles in our brick and mortar store, Walnut Street Traditions.  We knew  that there was a science to candlemaking, and so the journey began.  It's a recipe composed of memories, determination, with a dash of science of course!

What's in a name?
Well, for us, everything!  The little girl that serves as our "poster child" is actually my mom at age three, in my Grandpa Harold's field.  There is a TRUE history here.  We are not just "another" candle company, there's more meaning for us.  The Hoosier Candle Company it's about supporting American farmers, it's about promoting MADE IN THE USA, especially Indiana, and most importantly, it's about telling a story of how hard  Grandpa Harold worked to support his family, to share his work ethic, as he passed it from generation to generation.  Memories go into each and every candle, and a sense of pride, because that is how Grandpa Harold taught us! 

Journal & Courier, Saturday, April 23, 2011 by Max Showalter

New Scents Waft from
Walnut Street Traditions
A gift shop located in downtown Lafayette since 2006 has created a "business within a business" that is gaining popularity with candle lovers.Traci Bratton, the owner of Walnut Street Traditions, is spending more and more time making soy-based products for the Hoosier Candle Company, which she launched a year ago.

"I make the candles. The signature item is wax melts, which are real popular right now," Bratton said. "I decided if I was going to sell so many other brands of candles I should find out how they're made.

"I didn't know they would take off like they have. Mine outsell the other brands I've carried for years."

Available in more than 50 scents, Hoosier Candle Company candles are available in jars ranging in size from four to 48 ounces. The wax melts are priced at 25 cents each, and Bratton said she sells more than 1,000 of them a month.

"In a six-hour time frame I can make 1,000 melts. I have a production line set up in my basement," she said. "The 48-ounce candle is in a Ball jar, which is made in the United States. So start to finish, it's made in the U.S.A."
More selections are added to the line of candles every month and future plans call for online selling

The logo for Hoosier Candle Company includes an old photo of a small girl standing in a wheat field.

The girl is Bratton's mother, Paulette, when she was a child, standing in a farm field that was owned by Bratton's grandfather.

"My uncle said, 'I do hope you're selling soy candles.' My family is a farming family," Bratton said. "The picture of my mother -- that was the inspiration."

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